I will gladly read your book! Just send me an email at: madisonlouisesbooks(at)hotmail(dot)com, and I'll get with you! I accept traditional, indie, and self-published books!

(since I am an author, and still in school, I may not have time to review every request I receive  But if I have time, I will be sure to read it!)

What I want in the email:

Link to the summary of your book.
Release date
Book in any e-formats (NOOK, PDF) \

What I like to read:

I will read MG, YA and sometimes Adult. Depending on the content. (example: I like to read Liana Brooks.)

Based on those genres, I will read: science, and historical fiction. I will also read romance, paranomral, fantasy. I will read manga also!

What I don't read: any adult besides authors I've already read, and I feel comfortable reading and non-fiction.

Book Tours/giveaways/etc:

I will do blog tours. If you want me to be apart of your blog tour, etc. Send me an email at madisonlouisesbooks(at)hotmail(dot)com.

For giveaways, I will list if the giveaway is US only, or Int'l. Make sure you check before entering! When I send something to you, I am not responsible for what happens to it from me, to you. 


  1. Would you be willing to do a review on my book, Arch Nemesis? It's still in the editing process, but I'm planning to self publish soon. :)

    1. I would love to! Just follow the policy up top, and shoot me an email! :)